Nocturnos Nicolás Combarro From November 24 to January 26 Santiago

This project reflects on the architectures of repression that subjected the Spanish Republicans in Spain and France.
Franco's military uprising in 1936 led to the creation of a series of repressive structures of various kinds: pre-existing buildings adapted for this purpose, newly created architecture or ephemeral constructions, forming an extensive network of concentration camps and prison structures across the map of Spain and the protectorate of Morocco.

At the same time, in France, the 1938 decree law of the French government provided for the internment of 'undesirable foreigners', extended by the 1939 law which allowed the internment 'of any individual, French or foreign, considered dangerous to national defence or public security' in concentration camps.

This system of repression was part of the fascist and nationalist wave in Europe in the 1930s, whose model example for the rest of Europe was Nazi Germany, with the creation of a concentrationary system from 1933 onwards, or Salazar's Portugal, with the reuse of prisons and military structures and newly created architecture in its colonies, such as the Tarrafal concentration camp (1936).

The project on show at the Galería Nordés explores some of these repressive architectures in Spain and France through different forms of work: a series of photographs in which light rescues some of these concentrationary spaces from oblivion, engravings on viroc sheets based on symbolic structures, collages that reflect on memorialistic elements, sculptures and moulds recovering architectural fragments and a 3D piece made from plans and original documentation.

It is an essay that uses the tools of art to carry out an exercise in reflection on a past that is largely unknown or whose oblivion has been forced. An open work process that advances through different chapters in an attempt to recover fragments of memory, always incomplete.

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