i-liminados Andrea V. Wright Julia Huete Luisa Pastor Narelle Jubelin Pablo Barreiro Rosendo Cid Rubén Santiago From May 25 to May 31 Santiago

No one expected to live through these strange days (...except for the scientific community, which in turn let governments know that these days would come sooner rather than later). Suddenly, we found ourselves displaced into a new dimension. Dystopian fiction made reality. Our vocabulary expanded with new terminology. Compulsory confinement, which we assumed worldwide with astonishing tranquility, has altered our temporal perception, the way we socialize or consume and has limited us to the space we inhabit. The latter has been a positive experience for some and a suffocating one for others, without forgetting those who have had to take refuge in a borrowed place due to lack of housing. Obviously, this complicated situation, as in everything else, has also influenced the creative process. Many artists have found themselves away from their work space, forced to look for alternatives to carry out their work or, in some cases, to wait for the moment to be able to return to the studio while sketching future projects. But in any case, accustomed as we are in the art sector to situations of precariousness, installed in a perpetual crisis, the emergence of new limitations implies above all the need to circumvent them, generating new research, processes and results that we now share with you.

The world has changed and we will surely change too, some say. We do not yet know if this will be the case, but the essential remains; faced with the current boom of the digital -whose potential is not at odds with the permanence of the analog-, the new ways of communicating, far from quenching the thirst for face-to-face experience and physical contact, amplify it, making it even more necessary than before as we become aware of its importance. Thus, as an alternative to explore and while we are not back in the gallery -there is not much time left-, we show this online project in which we have selected a series of works accompanied by a brief text, the result of the creative process of most of the artists of the gallery and that have been made during this period of confinement. A strange time; a year that, even before ending, seems to have evaporated; although perhaps it has served to slow down the pace a little and make us reflect on how we inhabit the world or how we should do it.

It is a pleasure to be back in touch with you. We hope you enjoy it.

Cheer up and good health to all.


*** From today Monday, May 25 and until Sunday 31, we will upload to the gallery's Instagram profile the selected work of each artist, at the rate of one artist each day. Once all the works have been uploaded, you will also be able to see them in their entirety on the web.

*** We take this opportunity to remind you that on June 4 we will inaugurate the exhibition of Julia Huete "Como un verde, libro verde", her second exhibition in the gallery that we were forced to postpone since March.

We hope to see you there, those of you who can make it. Needless to say that we must take the necessary safety measures to ensure your and our health: social distance of two meters, we limit the capacity to a maximum of two people at a time, with a limited time in the room to 15 minutes if there are more people waiting, priority morning hours for the elderly and / or at risk, use of the bathroom not allowed to the public, use of masks recommended, mandatory hand disinfection before entering and daily disinfection of the premises.

In the meantime, you already know that you can visit us by appointment.

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