Sobre el pájaro y la red (About the bird and the net) Julia Huete From May 31 to July 31 Santiago

"I usually work with abstraction when painting and drawing by using diverse techniques , from collage to embroidery; techniques I apply to increase the expressiveness of the pieces. My work is defined by simple compositions in which aspects as the relation of balance between compositional weights, the formal lyric and the poetic of the materials are the means and center of the message.

 Using the bird as an aesthetic reference, the title of the exhibition evokes the connection between background and figure. The bird refers to the organic and dynamic forms I usually work with and which, developed in a process between order and chance, contrast with grids and fabrics that bind the forms and contain them: hence the net. This title comes from a set of essays by José Ángel Valente where he reflects on the poetic language and its limits using the bird as a simile to describe the essentiality of the word in mystical experiences. This idea of essentiality is present in the formal reduction and in the use I make of the simple units. Thus, through different types of execution and finish, is how several materials and techniques come into play to make a poetic essay where notions such as time, space, movement and formal purity are the focus.”


Julia Huete. May 2018

Julia Huete (Ourense, Spain, 1990) studied Fine Arts at the University of Vigo – with exchanges at the University of Porto (Portugal) and Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico) – and a Master's degree in Advertising Art Direction.

Her work has been selected in art competitions such as “Novos Valores” (Pontevedra), at the Auditorium of Galicia Award in Santiago,  in the Isaac Díaz Pardo Plastic Arts Contest or in Ourense’s Council Office.

She has exhibited collectively since 2013 in several exhibitions in Galicia, at the Kvit Gallery in Copenhagen or in the Centro Centro in Madrid. 

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