Signs Pablo Barreiro From December 21 to February 2 Santiago

Nordés  opens its doors with the solo show Signos (Signs) by the artist Pablo Barreiro (Meaño, Spain, 1982).


Creator of a very personal sculptural ceramics work, Pablo Barreiro starts from forms of the past which he then resignifies. By creating collage-like compositions of serial elements, he undertakes a search for a reinterpretation of the manufacturing processes and forms in disuse of certain structural pieces; functional and decorative everyday objects that he uses as models.

His interest in exploring the process through the materials often leads him to find something  in the error itself; a starting point on which to experiment and conceptualize new works that are incorporated as a key part of the work.

Likewise, the concept of reproducibility, the conflict area between the original and the copy and other antagonistic terms linked to the sculptural fact are commonly found  in his work.

Despite the seriality of the elements that make up his sculptures, each one of them is conceived as a unique piece,  thus reinforcing their craft nature.

Signos (Signs) is composed of works belonging to two of the series that Pablo Barreiro has been developing in recent years: the series Empilhamentos (from the Portuguese word empilhar: stack up), which started in 2012 as a research project of his artistic residency carried out at the Lisbon Ar.Co school; it explores the relationship with certain everyday forms-signs of the past with their context, a process that started upon accidentally finding several moulds in an old factory.

The choice of glazed porcelain as a material gives these works a subtlety and neutrality that allows new readings. The Columns series also emphasizes this resignification of functional elements - structural in this case- reversing its traditional function of sustaining by being suspended, resembling lighter elements when they lose their verticality. The possibility of ornamentation of its surface is kept and it is in this space where the artist presents multiple decorative variations under a reduced chromatic range with few concessions to colour.

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