Julia Huete

Julia Huete Ourense,

Julia Huete works abstraction using various techniques and media (mainly textiles, collage, drawing, painting and sculpture in the last period) always trying to understand it as a language. Her pieces are defined by developing between processes and with certain materials that end up influencing the identity of the piece.
She likes to delve into which are the most elementary characteristics of each discipline to reflect with them in an aesthetic and cognitive sense.
Graduated in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Pontevedra with exchanges at the University of Porto (Portugal) and Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico). Master in Art Direction in Advertising.

Her work has been selected in art competitions such as the Novos Valores in Pontevedra, Auditorio de Galicia Prize in Santiago, the Isaac Díaz Pardo Plastic Arts Competition, the Ourense Provincial Council and the María José Jove Foundation International Art Prize.

Shee has exhibited collectively since 2013 in various exhibitions in Galicia, at the Kvit Gallery in Copenhagen, Centro Centro in Madrid or the Academia de España in Rome. In 2018 she had her first solo exhibition at Nordés in Santiago de Compostela, her representative gallery. Resident of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (RAER), in the promotion 2018-2019.

Her work can be found in collections such as: CA2M, CGAC, María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Collection, María José Jove Foundation Collection, DKV Collection, Alhambra Collection, Collection of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, Oliva Arauna Collection, MICA Collection, Diputación de Ourense, Diputación de A Coruña and private collections. 

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