Berio Molina

Berio Molina A Fonsagrada, Lugo,

Audiovisual artist who experiments with ways and procedures to perceive sound, squeezing its formal and sensitive possibilities. His practice unfolds among several artistic disciplines and techniques, which together manifest a singularity in the modes of production of his works, connected to the context that originates them, the economy of means and the chance that links ideas as disparate as original.

Molina focuses his activity in the field of sound. He has been part of several artistic collectives such as the performance collective Flexo, the soundscapes and augmented aurality collective, the scenic creation collective áIntemperie and the Fato bicefalo Ohn, among others.

He is co-administrator with Isaac Cordal of Netlabel Alg-a, a web-based label where experimental audio works are published, and has been co-organizer of the IFI new tendencies festival. Since 1999, he has participated in several exhibitions in places as diverse as Teheran, Sarajevo, Lima or Montevideo.
Setras is his first book.

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