Alberto Odériz

Alberto Odériz Pamplona,
Architect by the ETSA in Barcelona (2008) and Master in Analysis, Theory and History of Architecture and the City by the UNAM (2014).

Since 2010 he lives between Navarra and Mexico City, where he combines his work as a sculptor with other disciplines, such as teaching (he directs the research seminar in the Masters in Housing and the City at CENTRO and projects at the Universidad Iberoamericana) and the co-direction of an urban planning office (Consultorio Urbano with David Ortega).

He has carried out sculptural works around the theme of "The inexplicable rock", exploring with the methodology of archaeology the different events of the present that, due to their tragic or contentious condition or simply because of their insignificance, were not intended to be preserved.

The historical, social and geographical singularities of the environment provide him with clues and inspiration for his production which, on many occasions, includes the use and appropriation of materials and objects found in situ to create installations that question the spectator about the very act of sculptural creation or open up participatory and appropriation dynamics that arise in the processes. His work is expressed through different media such as collage, photography or -mainly- sculpture and installation, investigating the capacity we humans have to symbolise matter.
Some of his latest projects and exhibitions: "El Zócalo" in the Plaza de la Constitución in Mexico City (2014); "Casa manifiesto", reconstruction of the ideology of O' Gorman's first functionalist house (2017); Salón ACME; "Nueve(punto)ocho", in Lootlab, in collaboration with Nohbords (2018); "Dolmen, levantar la piedra", in Mañeru, (Landarte, Programa de Arte y Ruralidad de Navarra 2018); "Sierra del Perdón: Volunteers wanted to move mountains" at the Huarte Centre (2020) and Museum of Navarra (2021).

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